Bann – Chances

Since botting is not allowed on most servers (probably everyone now), you should think about how to safly use the bot to not get banned.

The safest way to bot would be to only use the sprite-bot, since you wont walk around and only look afk to others.

Since admins – can scan for players process-lists, you should rename your pukibot.exe to something less outstanding, like explorer.exe or skype.exe, so that pukibot.exe wont appear when looking in your process-list.

The chances to get scanned are practically 0, since (i believe) only the lazy Game-Masters can do so and not the Game-Sages.

The Grindmodule should only be used, when having a save spot where other players rarely appear, since they might identify you beeing a botter, BUT also these people should give up when they receive a somewhat reasonable answer from your Chatwatch-module. You should customize your Chat-watch answers accordingly, first off you shouldnt leave the english answers in there if you are playing on other language Servers.