first start

To be able to use this bot you need 2 things:

  • the Bot itself – can be downloaded form this page, and
  • the latest PointerFile(.txt), for you language – can be downloaded with the links in the details of the latest Youtube-Video about this bot

The PointerFile(.txt) needs to be stored in the PukiBot-Directory, there you will already find a (probably) outdated version of it, because since the upload of the full-package there might already have been a GF-Update.

Notice: After almost every big GF-Update the PointerFile(.txt) has to be updated as well, please keep in mind that it might therefore not be instantly available to you.

PLEASE LET ME KNOW … if there was a GF-update, or if your bot isn’t working anymore. I only check for updates when i get notified.