Sprite Module works, but grind-Module is disabled

As of the latest new-year-patch Jan/2019, Grandfantasia implemented some kind of anti-bot-feature which makes it difficult for the bot to read the playervariables, which in turn led to disabling the grind-module.

If you want to know in detail: The bot requires some data from the player, like name and level, hp and hpcap and so on. As the baseadress of the playervariables can not be provided for longer than 10 minutes or so anymore, that data can also not be read. I managed to get the players name from the menus-baseadress, as for the other data, i routed that information to other variables, so that the bot thinks that he got everything he needs. But this is bogus data, for example the players level is now mapped to the chatline-count, meaning when you extend the chat-size, you will see how your level increases by 3 😀

So be aware that you should not try to use the grind-bot as this will not work, because of the missing data. However the bot has all necessary data for the sprite-module, which does work now.

Please configure: disable sprite on <= ‘0‘, because the playermoney, is something from the player-baseadress, which is missing information and might disable the sprite-module otherwise.

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    1. It is possible but i denied it in the past, as it would simply be too much work to make a pointerfile for every private server out there. So yes it would be possible, but no i will not make them myself.

  1. Hello,

    I’ve stopped playing for half a year on Sanctum and when I wanted to start again, it seemed that my pukiboot did’t work anymore ^^’

    It is written that GF is running but they can’t see any chara logged in.

    Can you help me ?

    1. yes, you need the latest pointerfile and whenever the char does not show in the bot it means that your current one is outdated because there has been an update to grand fantasia.

  2. Hi, First off I just wanted to say thank you for doing this. This is my first time using this so im sorry for asking such a dumb question, but how do I log in with my char in the bot? I can’t type in anything with it so im stuck on how it can recognize my char. Also can this bot help level your character?
    Thank you!

    1. There is no need to login to the bot, as it reads the games variables while playing. You just need the latest pointerFile for your language. Check the details of the yt-video for instructions.

  3. Hi ,

    I watched the tutorial, and tried the last French pointerfiles but “Pukibot” can’t see my char logged.I saw recent video of Spanish people making the “Sprite farm working”.

    Can you update the French pointer file please?
    If you can’t can we do it ourself ? Do you have any files about how to create pointer files?

    Can you help us ? i can’t farm a sprite from 1 to 100 all the time T.T
    Thx by advance

  4. Hey i am trying to use sprite bot but it doesnt work for some reason..i play sanctum world channel..

    could u make a brief video about how to use it

    i watched 1.4 video on youtube .. it tried but dint work and also could you brief wat exactly the bot does ?

  5. bot says its offline.. it wont even start.. 🙁 i tried doing same as ur 1.4 video along with using latest pointer file

    Sanctum server DE

    1. ok, pointerfile has been updated again. the problem was the bogus information for the player variables.

  6. i think there has been small change.. bot doesnt work as well as it did before the recent patch update. Pls fix it 🙂

  7. Hello,i have an issue im using latest pointer , latest version , playing on Ignite server ( Private server ),my game is in english here is the problem :

    Pukibot work fine,after some time the bot stop working and uncheck the ” puk bot ” i have to re-check it by myself etc …

    If you have any discord server or even your own Discord would be nice to talk faster ^^

      1. i have same issue, the bot automaticaly unchecks puk, everytime an event occurs and bot stops.. so i have to check the puk option and bot continues

  8. We are 3 using this 2 of us have the problem i told you and our other friend have no problem at all ( he is on Windows 7 ) really need ur help man

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