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1.4.2 Window Coordinates

Juni 21, 2017

The 2nd time that the coordinates for identifying the sprite-window-open states changed. If that happens again, i will give out the coordinates-file, just like i do with the pointerFile, in the future. Since i fixed a bug, i made a whole package this time.

1.4.1 Gui-Fix

July 11, 2016

In  mid 2016 Grandfantasia changed their gui-layout and the bot didnt know where to navigate animore when using the sprite-bot.

The fix in pukibot makes it now possible to configure the button-positions in a textfile. In the future this should make it possible to change it again easily when grandfantasia decides for another layout.

What is Puki Bot?

Puki Bot is a Bot for Grand Fantasia, and does:

  • automate all your spirtes to collect items & train
  • automate grinding, with the help of a KI, by fighting enemys, regenerating hp and mana and much more
  • watch and respond to chat activities

first start

To be able to use this bot you need 2 things:

  • the Bot itself – can be downloaded form this page, and
  • the latest PointerFile(.txt), for you language – can be downloaded with the links in the details of the latest Youtube-Video about this bot

The PointerFile(.txt) needs to be stored in the PukiBot-Directory, there you will already find a (probably) outdated version of it, because since the upload of the full-package there might already have been a GF-Update.

Notice: After almost every big GF-Update the PointerFile(.txt) has to be updated as well, please keep in mind that it might therefore not be instantly available to you.

PLEASE LET ME KNOW … if there was a GF-update, or if your bot isn’t working anymore. I only check for updates when i get notified.

V1.4 new Version

August 13, 2013

Pukibot V1.4 is out! It comes with a new chatwatch-interface that doesnt bother you with the regExpressions anymore and a lot of bugfixes have been made – read the history-file for more information. HF.

GF intern Chat

Rumor has it, that GS/GM filter the Grand-Fantasia intern Chat for the Word “Bot” and check the Chat-Historie to detect botters. Dont announce like “im afk-botting for 2 hours, – laters” in the chat. GS might visit you then. Since i was never GS/GM myself, i can’t tell you if that’s true or just a rumor. In any case dont discuss the Bot in the GF-intern Chat.

Pukibot V1.3 available

Mai 18, 2013

V1.3 is out! Its still a little experimental, but the important stuff is tested and working. Have fun.

Please report bugs if you find any. You can post it in the youtube-channel.

And dont forget to write into the guestbook if you like this bot. The Guestbook is still quite empty.