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Pointerfile for private Server: Ignite

Long time i refused doing pointerFiles for private Servers, but well with pukibot not working properly on official servers i wanted to see how well it worked once. So today i announce a fully working Pukibot for the most populated server in this sector: Ignite

The main language spoken and the client localization is portugese? I have not figured it out yet – anyways first time no translation to german for this post on this website 😛

Here is the pointerFile, which needs to replace the old one of your pukibot:

hf, and don`t forget to comment if you like my work 🙂

Sprite Module works, but grind-Module is disabled

As of the latest new-year-patch Jan/2019, Grandfantasia implemented some kind of anti-bot-feature which makes it difficult for the bot to read the playervariables, which in turn led to disabling the grind-module.

If you want to know in detail: The bot requires some data from the player, like name and level, hp and hpcap and so on. As the baseadress of the playervariables can not be provided for longer than 10 minutes or so anymore, that data can also not be read. I managed to get the players name from the menus-baseadress, as for the other data, i routed that information to other variables, so that the bot thinks that he got everything he needs. But this is bogus data, for example the players level is now mapped to the chatline-count, meaning when you extend the chat-size, you will see how your level increases by 3 😀

So be aware that you should not try to use the grind-bot as this will not work, because of the missing data. However the bot has all necessary data for the sprite-module, which does work now.

Please configure: disable sprite on <= ‘0‘, because the playermoney, is something from the player-baseadress, which is missing information and might disable the sprite-module otherwise.

1.4.2 Window Coordinates

Juni 21, 2017

The 2nd time that the coordinates for identifying the sprite-window-open states changed. If that happens again, i will give out the coordinates-file, just like i do with the pointerFile, in the future. Since i fixed a bug, i made a whole package this tim

1.4.1 Gui-Fix

July 11, 2016

In  mid 2016 Grandfantasia changed their gui-layout and the bot didnt know where to navigate animore when using the sprite-bot.

The fix in pukibot makes it now possible to configure the button-positions in a textfile. In the future this should make it possible to change it again easily when grandfantasia decides for another layout.

What is Puki Bot?

Puki Bot is a Bot for Grand Fantasia, and does:

  • automate all your spirtes to collect items & train
  • automate grinding, with the help of a KI, by fighting enemys, regenerating hp and mana and much more
  • watch and respond to chat activities

first start

To be able to use this bot you need 2 things:

  • the Bot itself – can be downloaded form this page, and
  • the latest PointerFile(.txt), for you language – can be downloaded with the links in the details of the latest Youtube-Video about this bot

The PointerFile(.txt) needs to be stored in the PukiBot-Directory, there you will already find a (probably) outdated version of it, because since the upload of the full-package there might already have been a GF-Update.

Notice: After almost every big GF-Update the PointerFile(.txt) has to be updated as well, please keep in mind that it might therefore not be instantly available to you.

PLEASE LET ME KNOW … if there was a GF-update, or if your bot isn’t working anymore. I only check for updates when i get notified.

V1.4 new Version

August 13, 2013

Pukibot V1.4 is out! It comes with a new chatwatch-interface that doesnt bother you with the regExpressions anymore and a lot of bugfixes have been made – read the history-file for more information. HF.

GF intern Chat

Rumor has it, that GS/GM filter the Grand-Fantasia intern Chat for the Word “Bot” and check the Chat-Historie to detect botters. Dont announce like “im afk-botting for 2 hours, – laters” in the chat. GS might visit you then. Since i was never GS/GM myself, i can’t tell you if that’s true or just a rumor. In any case dont discuss the Bot in the GF-intern Chat.