GF intern Chat

Rumor has it, that GS/GM filter the Grand-Fantasia intern Chat for the Word “Bot” and check the Chat-Historie to detect botters. Dont announce like “im afk-botting for 2 hours, – laters” in the chat. GS might visit you then. Since i was never GS/GM myself, i can’t tell you if that’s true or just a rumor. In any case dont discuss the Bot in the GF-intern Chat.


This bot is grey-zone Software, and with that there are also People who want to hack players using that bot.

For that they fake being someone else – sometimes me

Dont trust people just because they use my name on some web-portal – most of the time this will not be me. Dont give away Account-Data, this will always result in Account-loss.

These Accounts are indeed me, here you can get (safe) advice:

  • fak0rg077/ f4k0rg077 – Youtube, but not: fak0rg0777 (whoever that is, he just re-uploads my videos, which i always get removed by the youtube-admins
  • siteadmin –


  • Botting is not allowed on most Servers in Grand Fantasia.
  • Since V1.1 chatwatch exists to make grinding relatively safe.
  • Detecting the Bots Sprite automation by watching your character is impossible and can therefore be used without doubt.
  • Please dont change the standard key configuration (Sit:”x”, Sprites: F6-F8) since the bot uses these.

Bann – Chances

Since botting is not allowed on most servers (probably everyone now), you should think about how to safly use the bot to not get banned.

The safest way to bot would be to only use the sprite-bot, since you wont walk around and only look afk to others.

Since admins – can scan for players process-lists, you should rename your pukibot.exe to something less outstanding, like explorer.exe or skype.exe, so that pukibot.exe wont appear when looking in your process-list.

The chances to get scanned are practically 0, since (i believe) only the lazy Game-Masters can do so and not the Game-Sages.

The Grindmodule should only be used, when having a save spot where other players rarely appear, since they might identify you beeing a botter, BUT also these people should give up when they receive a somewhat reasonable answer from your Chatwatch-module. You should customize your Chat-watch answers accordingly, first off you shouldnt leave the english answers in there if you are playing on other language Servers.